Tapis de détection



The surface mounted rubber loop mat (SMR) from the EzyLoops range is an electromagnetic vehicle detection mat that provides a suitable alternative to traditional Saw-cut or buried loops, especially where it is not possible to cut slots into the pavement surface for the loop cable. The loop is contained within high durability rubber to create a protective mat that allows the loop to be laid onto a surface as a single unit. There is no deep saw cutting and no compromise to the pavement.

The loop mat is ideal for uneven surfaces or segmented paving as well as

situations that expose the mat to full sun and high ambient temperatures. The mat is adhered to the pavement using a single part adhesive that is long lasting in all climate conditions.

The EzyLoops SMR is supplied with a 6-metre feeder cable. Depending what suits your application, you can run the lead wire through our Lead Covers, meaning no saw cutting at all! Alternatively, a shallow cut (approximately 10mm deep by 5mm wide) is made in the pavement surface from the side of the mat to the curb to allow the feeder cable to be fed to the side of the vehicle lane. The slot must be sealed using an appropriate epoxy compound or commercial loop sealant.